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DBT Skills Training

DBT Skills Training Groups                                          

This group focuses on teaching skills to improve distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and relationships. The skills are invaluable to building a life worth living. Each week mindfulness skills are taught and reinforced. This is an on-going group that takes 24 weeks to complete in its entirety and new members are welcome anytime with approval from their individual therapist.

Tuesdays from 10AM-12PM
Thursdays from 5:30PM-7:30PM

Cost is $50 per group


Advanced DBT Group                                               

For clients who have completed DBT Skills Training and have a fundamental knowledge of the skills, this group takes the skills to the next level! The goal of this group is to help clients live more skillfully with a supportive and encouraging environment that keeps skills fresh and reinforces the benefit of using them in daily living. 

Cost is $50



Family & Friends Support Group                         

Family is defined by those we choose to walk with, through life.  For loved-ones who need help coping with the mental health struggles of someone close to them, this group is for you.  Loving someone with a mental illness can be challenging and this group aims to provide psycho-education, support, and skills training.  Many attend this group while their loved-one attends the Skills Training Group.  



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