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Counseling for Veterans

Military service members face challenges that others never experience. Whether it’s the stress of spending long periods away from their families or it’s exposure to combat, veterans are up against these experiences and encounter difficulties in adapting. Receiving support through Veterans Affairs (VA) for mental health care can often be meet with barriers in seeking help to see a clinician or options in the services provided are limited. This leaves the service member to meet with a provider or enter a treatment, which may not address the issues presented, because of limited available through the VA.

At Harmony Harbor we use an approach that is tailored to the needs of veterans. Our staff can address issues related to military service such as depression, PTSD, substance use, and military sexual trauma.  

At Harmony Harbor Counseling, veterans can receive quality care in the convenience of Sarasota in a private setting with a counselor who understands the challenges that service members face. Veterans have an incredible amount of courage and resilience, and having a supportive environment they can move towards healing and recovery.


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