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Biofeedback (BAUD)

        Emotional issues?

       Urges or Impulses?

       Physical Pain?


If you suffer from any of the above, the BAUD, or Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device offers a new, cutting-edge option to traditional talk therapy.  

How does it work?  

With rather simple technique that includes tuning and listening to specfic sound frequencies through the BAUD's earphones, you can actually affect neural activity deep within the brain. The BAUD quickly stimulates neuroplasticity, the brain's natural ability to heal and change, and many times people feel relief from pain and difficult emotions in one session! 

Who provides the treatment?  

At Harmony Harbor Counseling, we are all trained in using the BAUD and invite you to come in and try a session. 

What are the side effects?  

The BAUD is FDA cleared as a class II adjunct therapy and carries no significant negative side effects!  

What conditions can it help?  

The BAUD has been shown to help chronic pain, improve sleep, stop nightmares, heal traumas deeply rooted in the past and recent emotional concerns of the present.  Feelings of anger or shame or urges and cravings are among the many symptoms and conditions it can help.  

Who created it?

Invented by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a pioneer in the field of medical psychology, the BAUD is built around the latest discoveries in neuroscience. You can quiet the over-active neural pathways that are the real source of problems like an out-of-control appetite or a mind obsessed with worry. This same technology has been used in neurofeedback by doctors to treat serious disorders like depression, phobias, substance abuse, OCD and ADHD.  

What is the cost?  

Typically, it requires about one hour and the cost is $150.  Overall, the cost and time are much less than previous interventions and often much less painful than other treatments.  If needed, we do offer reduced rates, and your insurance may cover the cost.  

Call us today to set up an appointment!

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
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Information obtained at http://www.baudtherapy.com/












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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